New AVON Lipsticks

  I work with a woman who sells AVON and she’s been nagging me for ages to have a look at what they sell. I really didn’t think I would find anything that would catch my eye because for some reason I built up this thought that AVON wasn’t very good…BUT when I saw lipsticks for like £4, I thought I might as well give it a go as they’re over £10 less than I spend now on a lipstick. I bought matte mauve and matte peach and I have to say I’m really impressed. They’re pigmented colours and although they give a matte finish they aren’t too drying! The colour seems to last quite a long time. My favourite is actually the mauve, which is weird for me as I am a massive fan of pale or nude lips.  

 I now can’t wait for another AVON catalogue just to stock up on a few beauties! For now I think I will just stick to AVON lipsticks…but you never know! I now know not to judge a book by its cover! Great price, great colour, great finish! I’m a happy girl!!  

   Excuse the work uniform but here are some images to show you that they do glide on the lips well! AVON sell lots of different types of lipsticks, lip liners, lip crayons, etc. but this time I went for the matte lipsticks. (I personally wouldn’t describe them as a matte product) but on the plus side they feel like they’re hydrating my lips rather than drying them! 

Love, Eden xox 


What’s in my everyday makeup bag…Over £250 worth of products 

 Look at all that clutter!! Would you believe these are just the products I use on a every day basis… I’m going to show you what’s in my makeup bag, a quick review and give you the prices of each product to sum up how much is it would cost altogether! OH DEAR 😬 

 Firstly the makeup bag is from Ted Baker and cost me £35 but is a perfect size and is sturdy enough for all the places I lunge it around with me!

  This is my must have primer!! I have quite noticeably open pores but this primer really does help reduce them. It’s the Benefit Pore Fessional primer. I got the large at 44ml, costing £34.50 however the slightly smaller one is £24.50. It’s smooth and glides on to your skin, great for when you want to apply foundation.  

 I have only recently just started wearing this as I currently have a tan…so my good Ol drugstore L’OReal True Match  doesn’t suit me at the moment. This MAC Studio Fix foundation is great though! It’s good coverage, long lasting and glides on to the skin. It’s also not too drying for my skin. (Which is GREAAAAT) costing £21.00 it’s actually reasonably cheap for one of the most talked about makeup products. I also use the MAC Pro long wear concealer which is really great coverage I have to say!!! And does exactly what it says, it’s long lasting ladies! Just what we like to hear! Just be sure you really blend other wise it may start to crease under the eyes. 😞 costing at £17.00 

  For liquid highlight I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear BB highlighter. I use this in a triangle shape under my eyes, along the centre of my nose, forehead, chin and Cupid’s bow! (So yeH, nearly everywhere) Gives a radiant glow and I love it! Costing £26.50. 

  For contouring I use the Smashbox contour palette it’s a powder contour palette with two different darker shades which are great and a soft highlighter. Costing £35.00.

  For my eyebrows (something I can’t leave the house without doing!) is my favourite brow product yet! It’s the Illamasqua Brow gel in ‘Awe’ and I use the brush next to it for perfect application 😻 it’s better to use a slightly angled brush for when doing your brows, because of the arch in your brow. Costing £18.00. 

For bronzer and blusher I use my favourite bronzer to date yet, Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I loooveee it because it’s not too orange and not too muddy, perfect combo right?!!! Costing £20.00 This soft pink blusher is the Bodyshop light pink blusher that gives a natural and gorgeous colour to your cheeks. Costing only £7.00

I recently stopped wearing my Benefit They’re Real mascara to try something a little less pricey and these black and brown mascara a are actually great!! No clumps, good volume and crest length…why was I spending so much before?! I personally prefer the brown one atm because it creates a more natural finish to my fair skin and light hair. No7 Lash impact mascara costing just £9.00.  

 Everyday lipsticks consist of L’Oreal Nude by JLO costing £6.99 the MAC Please me lipstick and the MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick both for £15.50 as you can tell I love nude shades on an everyday look.  

 For a gorgeous golden highlight a long my cheek bone is use the MAC Soft and Gentle highlighter powder. Costing £23.00 

Finally for eyeliner I just use the 2True black liner for just £2.00! People always comment how well I do my eye liner and it’s because of this product here, it’s BLACK long lasting and is easy to apply. Cheapest and most reliable product!!  

OH MY GOD just my every day makeup bag costs me a total of  

I think the addiction needs to stop!!! Who am I kidding, no way. I’m a makeup artist and it’s been a collection going on for a long time. (In just making excuses, I know) 😞 OH WELL. I love all the products and I would buy most of them again so…💄😬 

Love, Eden xox  

MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter 


OKAY can we just talk about the most beautiful thing in my life at the moment! If you don’t already know it’s the gorgeous MAC Soft and gentle highlighter. Its the best highlighter I own!! However I use liquid highlighter under my eyes, forehead, nose, cupids bow first (for contouring reasons) but this bad boy is what goes along the top of my cheek bone and down my nose! Oh my god UH mazing! 😻😻 it’s a luxurious velvet soft powder with a high frost and metallic finish. Which is what we all want in a highlighter right?!  

 It has shimmer but no glitter, which gives a gorgeous golden glow without looking like a sparkly fairy! It glides on to the skin and wants to be applied with a brush that fits above your cheeks. Like an angled blush brush for example. Try not to go too over the top with this product tho, little is definitely more!  

 I’ve had so many compliments about my skin looking radiant because of this product! As you can see above the highest point of your cheek bone is the best place to apply this. Try not to mix your highlighter and bronzer together too much as it can look a slightly grey colour! This product is part of the MAC Skin mineralise collection. I’ve used this product on light medium and dark skin tones and I have to say I was amazed when I saw it suited them all! Such a beautiful product, I highly recommend! 💖💖

Finding the perfect every day lipstick…💄

  These four are my favourite go to lipsticks! They are all gorgeous colours and reasonably long lasting (which is good because I’m so lazy with reapplying lipstick)😬 

Starting on the left is the Chanel 57 Magique Lipstick which is a gorgeous coral colour that just glides on to the lips. This lipstick is not drying at all and instead comes with a shine! It’s a summer must have for me and looks so pretty. Coral looks are also a cult makeup look at the moment. I got this in Paris but I believe it would be a good £30 Here, but I mean come on…it’s Chanel!!!  

 Next is a satin lipstick from MAC called Twig MAC. Satin lipstick means it’s still a long lasting lipstick but with out the dryness of it being too matte. It’s a great everyday lipstick as it can be a perfect nude lip for darker skin tones or a beautiful purple toned lip. (Also very in at the moment!!) it’s £15.50, long lasting and very pigmented! A colour to suit all skin tones too!  

 Next is the gorgeous nude lip that suits every single makeup look, I kid you not!!! Also a great lipstick to create the very wanted ‘90s‘ makeup! It’s also a shade Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian wear regularly. Velvet Teddy is a long lasting nude lip. It’s matte which helps create a good statement lip as well as being longer lasting. At also £15.50 It’s a great nude lip for many, great for achieving the 90s aspired look AND for lips to appear fuller! P.s it smells lovely too!!  

And finally my personal favourite for an every day summer lip is the MAC Please me lipstick. I just love it!! It’s another matte lipstick at £15.50 but it’s just soo pretty! Being blonde, for ages I avoided pink lips as I didn’t want to look like a Barbie but this one caught my eye! It’s long lasting super pigmented and looks gorgeous and spices up my everyday makeup look. I recently fake tanned which makes it look even better!!! This is by far my favourite lip stick at the moment. BRING ON SUMMER!!  

 And there we have my every day top 4 lipsticks! Hope you enjoyed! 🌸💖 

Eden xox  

Soft and sexy makeup look!

Okay can we all just take a minute to appreciate this face!!  

 How gorgeous does this soft bronzed makeup look! The dewy highlighted skin, strong cheek bone and effortlessly gorgeous eyes😻 Want it? It’s not hard! 

To start you’re going to need a primer to help give you a boost of radiance, I think L’Oreal Illuminating Magique primer is great and affordable at only £9.99!! Or I personally love the  Simple Radiance cream which is a cream you put over the top of your moisturiser. As you can see this is not a matte look, so you will want a foundation that helps your skin glow. So maybe NARS SHEER GLOW or a cheaper option… L’Oreal True Match also only £9.99?! 

Next to contour I believe her makeup artist used the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit in medium and at ££60 it’s pretty gorgeous but recently Made in Chelsea stars have been raving about the new Iconic London contour kit which is also available in powders and cream. At half the price and at £30 its a product I can’t wait to get my hands on!   

   A lot of highlighter and concealer is used in this look especially under the eye area to help you look as youthful and radiant as possible. Why not try the very good coverage MAC Pro long wear concealer

To highlight you’re going to want to look for a powder with a golden glow to it… And of course I’m going to reccomend the gorgeous MAC Soft and gentle highlighter!! 😻  

 This will help to give a natural sun kissed look. 

Bronzer is clearly used in this look but try not to go too heavy with it! Remember to blend it out! By going too strong with your contour or bronzer you won’t achieve the golden glow instead you make look muddy. (Yuck). I’m going to recommend the Benefit Hoola bronzer as its gorgeous and not too orange toned.  


For the eyes it’s nothing too heavy at all!! Going over the top with the eyes will ruin the ‘natural golden glow’. A tip here is to use whatever bronzer you used on your face, on you crease of your eyes. This will keep it looking natural but will define your eyes. You don’t want to use more than 3 colours for this look. I reccomend a dark brown (almost with a red tinge to it) a lighter brown (your bronzer) and a golden light colour to place around the majority of your eye lid. Whereas you keep the brown colours working up towards your brow bone. Darker colours on the corners of your eye, to help create a sandwich effect.  

     These are examples of the colours I would choose. She also isn’t wearing any dramatic eyeliner or excess mascara. Either no eyeliner or a thin smudged eyeliner would suit this look. Remember for this look to blend, there are no harsh lines. 

For lipstick she’s wearing a very pale nude which is obviously a different shade for everyone. A few of my personal favourites are MAC Velvet Teddy MAC Honey Love L’Oreal JLo’s Nude and MAC TWIG. Then to finish a coat of lipgloss will add that extra shine!  

Gorgeous look! Day or night 💖 hope this helped. 

Eden xox  

BRIDAL MAKEUP- Tips and tricks👰 

Hello to all my lovely ladies!!🌸

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place!! 

   Whether you are doing your own makeup, someone else’s or you’re hiring a professional it’s important to know what will help you look your best. ALL women say they want to look, beautiful,radiant but as much like them selfs as possible! I’m going to break this down nice and simple for you. 

  1. Primers are a must!!  I can’t stress this enough! You want your makeup to last all day and maybe even all night, so you’re gonna need all the help you can get. Primers stop makeup from slipping and sliding (you don’t want to end up looking patchy!) primers also help makeup application a lot smoother and helps it to sit on the face more delicately. If you have dry skin an illuminating primer will help your skin look dewy and radiant. However if you have oily skin you’re going to look for a primer that is matte to help your makeup last longer and to avoid looking greasy!👰   
  2. Long lasting makeup! Its pretty obvious you’re going to want your makeup to last all day! So long lasting makeup is just gonna have to happen. And I’m talking long lasting foundation, concealer, blushers, powders, eyeshadows!! You’ll be surprised how much this will help! So to start you’re going to need a long lasting base. So shop for a higher end foundation that’s labelled ‘long lasting’ or ‘long wear’ I’m saying higher end because they do tend to be the longer lasting foundations.   You need to look for a foundation with good coverage, long lasting and ideally a foundation with a low SPF. However avoid caking on your foundation, if you are priming a little does go a long way! 
  3. Set and powder your makeup!! Even if you have drier skin and feel like powder can leave your skin looking flaky you need to set your makeup with powder!  if you moisturise, use an illuminating primer and a suitable foundation for your skin type a small amount of powder will not affect your skin! It will just really hold the makeup in place and will reduce any unwanted shine. Powder all over the face, especially under the eyes. 👰
  4. Water proof makeup!! Let’s face it you’re gonna put on the water works at some point!😬 so wearing water proof mascara and eye liner will stop you from looking like a cry baby panda!   

Now, moving on to my bridal makeup must haves!! Bridal makeup tends to be neutral colours and soft pinks. The eye makeup is usually a soft but slightly smokey look. So my two favourite long lasting eye shadow palettes are Urban Decay Naked 3 and my Mac Warm Palette.  

 These colours are so pigmented (Especially Urban Decay) and gorgeous! You can create so many different looks, but most of the colours are neutral there are many matte colours to choose from as well as a few lightly sparkled ones. On your wedding day you want to mostly use matte colours as they photograph better, but the odd sparkle in the eye can look so stunning!  

LIPS! Most brides go for a natural or nude looking lip. In photos a pretty pink look is also gorgeous. You want to colour in your lips with a pencil the same colour as the lipstick to pro long your wear.  

 My favourite wedding lipsticks are these colours right here! All long lasting and pigmented. Starting from the left is Chanel 57 Mystique, MAC Twig, MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Please me.  

 I hope you enjoyed this post! I love doubt bridal makeup! Good luck to all you future brides, may you have the best day but most importantly the best marriage. 


Eden xox 👰😻👰

7 BEAUTY SINS- Beauty must haves! 

1. GREED- Most expensive and inexpensive product I own.

I have a few higher end products but at the moment my most expensive is probably my ‘MAC Warm Palette’ that’s absolutely gorgeous. It cost me £60 and its money I can honestly say I don’t regret spending.  

My least expensive beauty products are from REVOLUTION which do great dupes of higher end products. I have forgives eye shadow palettes for just £4 and they come with lots of different shades. It’s such a great brand for the price range it’s in. 

2. WRATH- The product I have a love/hate relationship with 

It’s definitely got to be my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I tend to have drier skin so sometimes this foundation is too thick and drying for my skin. But when I have a good skin day this product is brilliant. It’s long lasting, full coverage and gives me flawless skin. But there are days when it can leave my skin looking flaky 😕 (I’ve done a seperate blog post just on this foundation if anyone wants to take a look)  

3. GLUTTONY – My most delicious beauty product 

What does this even mean lol?!!! I’m just going to go ahead and say my most dreamy product is No7 Intelligent Colour Bronzer it’s so creamy and glides on to your skin! I use it to contour my face and it smells lovely too! (Does this count as delicious) 

4. SLOTH- The product you are most lazy with/ may leave out 

I honestly find doing my makeup the most fun thing that happens in my day sometimes haha (loser, I know) But I’d probably say Lipstick Once that first coat comes off im pretty certain that’s it for the day! WHY DONT THEY JUST STAY ON ALL DAY URGH 😂😩

5 PRIDE- What product gives me the most confidence/ rarely leave out 

I honestly love having clear, flawless looking skin and I find my L’Oreal True Match gives me just that! 

BUT- if I was to only wear one product it would have to be a coat of mascara (other wise my eyes just look bla) and I feel like I look ill 😬

6 LUST- Something you wish you was blessed with 

As I have drier/normal skin- something I find gorgeous is girls with naturally radiant glowing skin!! 💖💖 MY FAVOURITE! 

I also adore girls that have long dark eyelashes 😩 OH and GREEN EYES!! 

7. ENVY- What product do you wish you could own? 

Oh well the list is endless but my top ones on my wish list are- 

1. Giorgio Armani LUminous Silk foundation (I think it’s like £50😩).       2. Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit £60 (I mean c’mon KIM K uses it?!).                                                     3. Zoeva Makeup brush kit £80 (but it has like every makeup brush you’ll ever need)  


Eden 😘